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APR PRESS (Andrey Kostin)
Russian company «Everest-Pacific», specializing in ship-repairing branch, just a few days ago became an official representative of former Ukrainian, and now Russian enterprise«Skloplastik», being part of «Ukroboronprom», source of the company reported to APR PRESS correspondent.

An agreement, signed immeditely after Crimea joined the Russian Federation, became real confirmation of business connections and mutual cooperation importance between regions важности in different economic fields, particularly in ship repairing branch and maintenance of ship safety equipment. The agreement concluded between two parties confirmed «Everest-Pacific» status as official representative ship-repairing trust «Skloplastik», which will allow in the Russian Far East to service at the proper level all types of life boats made by «Skloplastik» and positioned on overwhelming majority of vessels with Russian flag.

The first swallow of the join cooperation became successful testing of lifeboats on FESCO ice-breaker Kapitan Khlebnikov on the 4th of April. These tests were held within IMO (International Maritime Organization) realization of the project on prevention incidents with lifeboats. This testing guarantees life safety of crew, getting ino accidents. When we talk about the sea, special accuracy and high attention are demanded towards all equipment, especcially which may safe life of the crew. Appearance of representative office on the basis of «Everest-Pacific» company will allow efficient deciding the issue related to service, maintenance, repairing, spares delivery and testing lifeboats of «Skloplastik» company in the Russian Far East.